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The Artist UnSEWn Series presents Soul Mate by Amy Butler

WELCOME to my summer of LOVE!

Soul Mate has arrived! I've been bringing you along the journey with me these past few weeks sharing Soul Mate inspirations and getting to offer up the beautiful love stories from some very dear folks in my life and the happy vibrant energy of this offering. As the line is arriving to your shops, Dave and I wanted to supply you with  some fresh content to help market and promote the collection. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of my newsletter to find out about my new launches, products and events!

I'm proud and happy to share NEW images her from my latest photo shoot. All of the images are available for you to use in all your social media outlets, newsletters, blogs, and don't be shy y'all!

Careful. This link is time sensitive so please DOWNLOAD ASAP -

When sharing Soul Mate be sure to use these hashtags: #absoulmate #amybutler #amybutlerdesign #iamafreespirit #freespiritfabrics to keep the inspiration circulating!

If you'd like to take a closer look at Soul Mate and bring this lovely line to you world, be sure to reach out to your FreeSpirit representative to set you up with everything you need!

Enjoy! And Happy Summer Sewing!
XO Amy


This is Stacey Day's True Love Quilt available as a free download from FreeSpirit HERE. Kits Kits Kits! 


This is PURE LOVE! Stacey Day's design for the "Cross My Heart" quilt is sublime! She beautifully captured the spirit of Soul Mate as a story
and as a collection.

You can see each print highlighted and celebrated from all 3 of my color palettes. The best part is you can download the free quilt pattern here!

Details, details! It's easy to envision "nesting" with Soul Mate. Part of the fun for me is to weave the prints into my daily life.. the warmth of this collection transitions easily into home decor inspirations.

My Gum Drop pillows never disappoint! Cute, utilitarian, personality plus style makes them a fun and adorable accessories for home decor and conversation pieces! Folks usually make one, get addicted and make many many more! They are particularly charming in my new SOUL MATE prints! Send your customers to my PDF page to download or sign up with UpCraft Club to sell PDF patterns directly in your shop!

Our friends at Fairfield provided the interfacing, foam and pillow forms for my Ultimate Storage Bins PDF and pillows. You can find wholesale information for Fairfield here.

Uzi peering in with his approval of Stacey Day's  "True Love" quilt Our friend  Kerri Thomson did an amazing job constructing this quilt. We are so proud to get to partner with both of these ladies. The FREE pattern is available on FreeSpirit's web site. Generous opportunities to create this summer folks!

My Soul Mate fabrics are printed on 100% cotton poplin, created primarily for quilting (which btw is delicious!), but a happy bonus detail is the poplin, which is tightly woven, has a bit of drape and the softest feel which makes it a winner for garment sewing. Yes, you DO want this fabric against your's heavenly! For a quick garment fix try my Caftan sewing pattern.
And learn more about offering my PDFs to your customers through UpCraftclub!


So Sweet! You can create the mini me of my Cross My Heart quilt in tote form! Enjoy my Cross My Heart Tote PDF HERE! You'll also need my Spice Market Tote pattern combined with this new PDF accompaniment. YES please!

 These great products are featured in my quilted totes: Extra-Loft Batting by Fairfield,
Soft & Stable Foam Stabilizer by byAnnie'sPellon® SF101 Shape-Flex™ fusible woven interfacing, Rivets by Tandy Leather Co.

This tunic from the Japanese Craft book - Hooray Dresses and Tunics by Yuko Sato showcases (maybe my fav Soul Mate print!) We used a little Pellon® SF101 Shape-Flex™ fusible interfacing in the cuffs and collars for shape, and added a bit of the print to face the underside of the hem in visible spots. Let me tell you, it took everything I had to not steal this before the photo shoot! Soul Mate is a tightly woven cotton poplin created for quilting and, as you can see...translates beautifully in garments. For more information about how you can carry Pellon® products visit their site.

The light is so beautiful here and Stacey Day's True Love Quilt is the perfect backdrop for my exploding Annabelle hydrangeas & pieced pendant lights from my Piece Keeping book! Download and wholesale ordering info are included in these links.

The pendant lights we used are from IKEA. Just search Nymö Pendant lamp shades. Easy breezy!

The You Complete Me Quilt by Stacey Day is available as a free PDF Download from FreeSpirit.
Tote #10 from the Japanese Book Umami Canvas World by Umami Midori. The Curlew Dress is from the Merchant & Mills Workbook by Merchant & Mills.

We used Pellon's® SF101 Shape-Flex™ fusible woven interfacing and TP971F Thermolam Plus™, and canvas from James Thompson & Co., Inc. to add perfect form to this great tote.

The ultimate in wall art! I was so darn proud to have this beautiful quilt hanging in my show booth in St. Louis! This is Stacey Day's You Complete Me Quilt sewn by our friend Kerri Thomson and it's available as a free pattern download. All I had to do for this shot was add a few Annabelle hydrangeas from my garden. Luck me! Lucky YOU! Enjoy this free download! XO

 I lined the body of Lotta Jansdotter's Pivli Coat with Pellon's SK135 Sheer-Knit™ fusible knit interfacing and then used their SF101 SF101 Shape-Flex™ fusible woven interfacing in the facings. You can find out how to carry their products in your store HERE. Lotta Jansdotter's Pivli Coat is from Everyday Style. Check it out HERE.

And THIS honey of a bag Is inspired by Stacey's "You Complete Me" quilt! As with my Cross My Heart Spice Market Tote addendum.. these new instructions transform my Spice Market tote bag into this stunning quilted carry all! You'll need both my new addendum PDF and my Spice Market Tote PDF to create this bag. We used a combination of Fairfield's Extra-Loft Batting, Annie's Soft & Stable Foam Stabilizer and Pellon's SF101 Shape-Flex™ to add body and structure to the bag. Simple stitch in the ditch quilting adds just the right touch of depth to have this whimsical pattern come to life!
"What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with." 
~ Robert Brault
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